New Product that shuts off water to your home when leak appears. Grand Lake second home buyers this might be needed for you

Grand Lake Second Home Owners–Above is a product you might want to check out.   It is Moen’s water sensor that can turn your water off should a leak develope of large or small amounts per their ads.  I recently received this in an email of Moen products, have not seen, have not used it, have no financial interest in it but thought it sounded like a cool and needed product for anyone who leaves their home for an extended time.  We hear about every year of someone leaving their lake home in the winter and not returning for 2-3 months and when do find water has ran for days and done thousands of dollars in damage. If this product is as presented it might be one help if you just don’t turn the water off when leaving to guard your home from damage of water leaks while away. Thought I should pass this on.  Check it out.

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