Bass Master 2013 on Grand Lake A Huge Success/What Does This Mean For Grand Lake Real Estate in The Future

The 2013 Bass Master fishing tournament is in the record books. The crowds in Tulsa for the weigh in and at the launch ramp on Wolf Creek in Grove, OK were huge. During the weekend, there were countless bass fishermen wanna be’s following their favorite angler on the lake in their bass boats and dreaming. The news media have talked so much of the success of the Bass Master and the impact on the local economies.

As Realtors, we of course wonder what this exposure to the world will do for Grand Lake real estate. In all certainty it will have no immediate impact. We feel over the few years as the television shows air about the Bass Master and people who traveled here for the tournament will be telling friends about the wonderful lake, people, and how you can enjoy rural lake life and still get big city shopping for a day out in Tulsa just over an hour away that demand from people around the country hunting a waterfront retirement home on a lake will put Grand Lake on their radar. Others hunting for a central family gathering spot in the middle of the country for a vacation home on the lake will see all Grand Lake has to offer for fun and enjoyment and also find three airports all just over an hour away for family membersDo WF Home 012 Dogwood Dr. Grove 004 Dogwood Dr. Grove 005 Do WF Home 010 to fly in for a family get together.

The net of this over time we think will be more people enjoying our Grand Lake and property values will go up over time. We think now is a great time to buy Grand Lake real estate not just because of our just stated prediction but because values are very reasonable now, interest rates are low, and we have a decent inventory of homes for sale that is slowly but surely becoming fewer and fewer. If you have been thinking Grand Lake waterfront home now might be your best time to buy. Call The Grand Lake Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake to learn more about Grand Lake Real Estate. Aaron Hughes and Joe Neill will give you honest, straight forward insight into Grand Lake values. Contact Aaron at 918 801-5645 or or Joe at 918 640-3300 or