Chateaus at Grand Lake on Monkey Island

The Chateaus on Monkey Island on Grand Lake in beautiful Northeast Oklahoma have been known for years as the elite gated community on Grand Lake. Forty-six timeless design homes weave around the shoreline of the lake with beautiful sunset views from most. The homes have unique designs that are timeless in nature, each the same sandstone field rock covered accented with cedar beams and trim. The homes range in size from 2950 square feet m/l to well over 6000 square feet m/l.

The homes were built in the 1980’s but have been kept in as new condition by owners who care. Many of the homes have had recent renavations that have cost from $100,000 to well over $1,000,000. The yards are manicured by a full time staff so that the drive to each home is pristine each time. The homeowners association is very solid and financally secure.┬áCovants protect each property owner’s investment in these homes. The yards have old stately oak, pecan, pine, and sycamore trees. The homes have a walkout basement or two story depending upon terrain of lot. There are slight hills across the street to a manicured open space. There is also 24 hour, 7 day a week security on site.

Dues include insurance on the structure and each home owner then buys a condo type policy to cover from the studs in including furnishings. These policys cost about a fourth of buying the entire policy outside of this type association. Dues also cover twice a week trash service, painting exterior on a four year cycle, normal shoreline cleanup, normal tree limb pickup, fertilizing and trimming shrub beds, fertilizing, weed spraying, and lawn irrigation of lawns. Homes are also monitored for high and low temperature, water leakage by the hot water tanks, and smoke/fire. An owner can also add break in monitoring if they wish but is not really needed in this secure area.

My wife and I have lived in The Chateaus almost six years and love it. We are full timers as are three other couples with the rest either weekenders or seasonal residents. It is a beautiful setting, peaceful, and quiet, with a drive the last six miles on Monkey Island having lawn manicured type highway right of way, like no other area in the entire lake.

You work hard, want hassle free second home or seasonal home ownership, or perhaps fulltime living on the flagship of all interior lakes in the U.S., why not invest in a timeless tradition on Grand Lake in The Chateaus. For the first time in years there is a good selection of homes available for sale, priced from $450,000 to just over $1,000,000. Invest in your family, your health, and for your pocketbook at The Chateaus. Enjoy Grand Lake, supurb golf, fine dining, and family and friends.

Call today to check out what is available. Call Aaron Hughes at 918 801-5645 or or Joe Neill at 918 640-3300 or We are the Grand Lake Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake in Grove, Oklahoma. We hope to hear from you soon.