Enjoy Grand Lake? Maybe It’s Time To Buy Your Retirement Home Or Weekend Home On Grand Lake


Life is Better on Grand Lake

If you enjoy Grand Lake like I do, maybe it is time you think about buying your Grand Lake Home for weekend or retirement living. Now is a great time to buy property on Grand Lake! Prices for Grand Lake Waterfront Homes For Sale have not gone up yet. You can still buy a Grand Lake Waterfront Home For Sale at prices pretty much what they have been for 8-9 years. We think that will change soon. Very few new spec homes have been built, and our supply of homes on the market is much lower that it has been in years. Supply usually governs price. Also if you look at nearby cities away from the lake you will find home demand in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, NW Arkansas, and Joplin, Mo is great with homes selling many times in days and for full prices. This usually comes to the lake area a year or so later from past history. Buy now and you beat the rising interest rates and the soon to be rising home prices we see coming. Maybe you are five years or less from retirement and want to move to lake when you do retire. Why not buy now and enjoy for vacation and weekend use till you do retire. Maybe even rent your home out on VRBO and make some extra money on it. Some folks nearing retirement sell their home in the city and buy or lease a small condo type home and have the family gathering home at the lake is another good idea to consider. If you are in your prime working years maybe that second home makes sense now. Buy now and have paid off by the time you do retire in 20 years is a good idea too. Lastly, life is short, why not enjoy it as you go along?

We offer Grand Lake Waterfront Homes, Grand Lake Golf Course Homes, residential homes in Grove, and more… all for sale in all price ranges. If you want a Monkey Island gated community home, we cover those too. South Grand Lake homes in The Coves at Bird Island are another popular choice location. Let us help you sort out your Grand Lake home options with something for every need and budget. We will show and sell all Grand Lake MLS listings. We offer honest opinions on location and property values to help you to make an informed choice when buying property in the Grand Lake area.

Call Joe Neill’s Grand Lake Team at Keller Williams Realty Grand Lake for your one stop home buying experience. Joe direct 918 640-3300 or email grandlaketeam@kw.com