Fall is beautiful at Grand Lake Oklahoma

The trees are just beautiful around the lake this year. Many people who own lake homes as their 2nd or 3rd home think the lake season is summer only. I enjoy all seasons at the lake. Each season has something special to enjoy. Fall brings the wonderful colors as the trees change. It has turned cold this week, but last Sunday the weather was in the upper 70’s and the boating was a good as it gets. My wife and I spent a couple of hours boating from Monkey Island to South Grand Lake. Boat traffic was very light, temperatures were perfect, and as I said, the paint brush of the season was terrific. Today on Wednesday, temperatures are in the low 50’s and I don’t want to get the boat out, but the drive from Monkey Island to Grove in the sunshine was also beautiful and peaceful.

Winter will bring it’s own beauty. Maybe a snow or maybe just a cold dreary day, but it will be peaceful and warm inside the house with maybe a fire in the fireplace and just set and read a book or watch a movie and look out once in awhile at the beauty God has given us on the lake.

Spring will bring green grass, early spring flowers blooming and the dogwood, redbud, and bradford pear trees blooming in their radiant colors. Warm temperatures will be welcome and we know a new boating season is almost here.

Summer is great fun on the lake, no matter what activity you enjoy on the water best. A warm or hot day is enjoyable with the water spray hitting the boat once in awhile. If you don’t have the boat out, it is great to just put up a hammock under the trees, get a good magazine, and some good music to listen to, and just let the day pass by. The cool breeze coming off the lake will make it just perfect. Add in a cool drink and you have it as good as it gets.

Yes, any season on Grand Lake is the most enjoyable place to be. If you haven’t visited the area, plan to do so and see just what I mean. If you own a home here, use it during fall, winter, and spring and find out just how relaxing lake life can be in the off season.

If you are in the market for a lake property, I feel that fall is the best time of year to buy. Summer is high use time and all the buyers are out. Spring is all anticipation of the soon to be summer and prices will firm up. Everyone thinks winter is best to buy, but I find most people in winter are dreaming of the soon to be spring and summer and won’t discount prices. Fall, however, is just before winter and everyone knows we have slow months ahead of us. Sellers don’t want to carry over the lake house and often will deal. Come to the lake and take a look at the many nice properties on the market now. You might just find one you can not live without.