Five Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Buy Your Dream Waterfront Home on Grand Lake

We talk to people all the time who want to buy a second home on Grand Lake or a full time retirement home on Grand Lake but have held back because of concerns over the economy or other issues. Maybe now is the time to put away those fears and start enjoying your dreams. Life is always full of uncertainties but we have to conduct our life in prudent ways morally, economically, and live our dreams to the fullest. We only go around once, why not enjoy each day and live within your means but also do the things you have saved for and dream for. Some reasons now might be the best time to buy your Grand Lake Waterfront Dream Home that is For Sale Now.

1 The economy is still hurting for low wage earners and people starting out but for middle class and upper middle class America, many people have had their heads down working and saving for years. The economy downturn a few years ago scared us all but stocks have rebounded to new all time highs and we stayed the course our accounts are very healthy now. You can enjoy your fruits.

2. Interest rates have been at historic all time lows for several years now, to the tune that many people don’t realize they will go up and have started the up trend that most predict will last several years. You could save thousands on a home loan by acting now.

3. Real estate and home prices have rebounded sharply around our country’s cities but second home resort type areas have not rebounded as primary homes have. Grand Lake Waterfront home prices are basically steady for about 8 years now. I seriously doubt this steady trend will last but will shortly turn upward as other area home prices have. This was the case in the 80’s recession with lake property values about 2 years behind city value upturns and I think we will see this trend again and we are at the 2 years since the upturn started in the cities.

4. Real Estate can be a portion of your investment portfolio. A Waterfront home on Grand Lake may not send you dividends each month unless you also rent it out part time but over the years of ownership you will see nice returns in the 10-20 year time frame if you should decide to sell. What investment can you enjoy with family and friends while also seeing economic long term increase in value?

5. The available Grand Lake Waterfront Homes for sale now is pretty good with excellent homes available in most price points. We do not expect this to continue. There is still not a lot of new construction or good available waterfront lots to build on in desirable locations. We expect our selection pool of homes to shrink over the next months to few years.

There you have my 5 good reasons to Buy Your Dream Waterfront Home on Grand Lake now. For more information on homes available, prices, best locations on lake and other real estate questions call the Grand Lake guy who will give you honest straight up answers with no hype. Joe Neill, broker associate with Keller Williams Realty Grand Lake Grove, OK 918 640-3300 direct or We hope to hear from you soon. You could be enjoying the good life on Grand Lake, let’s talk about it.