Franchise Business on Grand Lake?

Would you like to own your own franchise business on Grand Lake of the Cherokees in NE Oklahoma? We have just the business for you, well it is not the franchise in the sense you are probably thinking but it is an old, well established family owned and operated business icon on Grand Lake. This business is proven successful, has undergone a major inside and out remodeling in past two years, has a thriving year round business and a super summer boating season business.

You can buy, own, and operate this business icon. Present owner will teach you the ropes in owning and operating. With a low turnover of employees and a longterm day to day manager, this business runs right along with the owner spending only a few hours a day at the operation.

This is a grocery store, convenience store, gasoline service and more store. You also have rental income from a leased cafe. The store has an in house leased old fashioned meat market that brings customers from far and wide to buy special cut to order meats. It serves two small communities along with the huge weekender crowd of second lake home owners. The nearest major grocery is 10-12 miles away. This business is the local franchise of one, the one we are offering for sale. If you would like to own and operate your own business, live on a great lake, have time for family and friends, and enjoy financial success, this is the business opportunity for you.

For more information, call the Hughes and Neill Grand Lake Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake in Grove, OK. You can reach Aaron Hughes at 918 801-5645 or For Joe Neill call 918 640-3300 or