Getting a Home Loan Need Not Be A Big Hassle on Grand Lake Homes

People read how hard it is to get a home loan but that is not always the case. On Grand Lake we deal with people all the time wanting to buy a second home on Grand Lake or a retirement home on Grand Lake. People who have their financial house in order do not have any problems getting loans for homes in the Grand Lake area. We are blessed with several good lenders in our area who know the rules that are particular to Grand Lake waterfront homes and know how to structure a loan to get the job done in short order.

One of our wonderful lenders is Maria Welch-Keesling with Arvest Bank in Grove, OK. Maria has been doing home loans for 30 years and knows how to get the work done and without a lot of hassle to the borrower. She recently gave me a copy of the sheet she gives all new borrowers to make the process much smoother. She will take the information and fill out the loan application for you, saving you the time, trouble, and heartache of filling out a document you know nothing about. Read this check list below, you can get a loan without a ton of trouble.

Our Grand Lake Team of Aaron Hughes and Joe Neill also will work to make the buying process fun and easy. From picking out the right home area, home, and fitting to target price to helping a buyer get in touch with the lender, whatever it takes we all work together on Grand Lake to make your buying experience enjoyable and hassle free. Interest rates are very very low now and cannot stay that way forever, homes can be found that fit your target and be bought at a very good price, and we have a good selection of homes. For that retirement home on Grand Lake or the second home on Grand Lake why not call us today and start the process. Aaron Hughes at 918 801-5645 or or Joe Neill at 918 640-3300 or  Now look at Maria’s checklist below and see how easy the first step of financing a home can be. We hope to hear from you soon.




1818 South Main / PO Box 450847   Grove, OK  74345


MARIA WELCH-KEESLING   AVP/ Mortgage Loan Officer

Grove / Jay / and Grand Lake area    NMLS # 564510

Direct Line:  (918) 787-8423      Cell: (918) 801-6158

Fax:  (918) 787-8414     






  • Current pay stubs for the last 30 days
  • Last 2 years W-2’s
  • If Self-Employed

Most recent 2 yrs Tax Returns, all schedules (Business /Personal)

Year to date Profit and Loss statement


  • Two most recent Bank Statements on funds to close, all pages
  • Home address for the previous 2 years and Landlord’s address plus phone number.


  • PURCHASE:  Copy of Sales Contract, with all signatures


  • Name and phone number of Insurance Agent for Homeowner’s

Insurance on new property.


       REFINANCE: Location of Abstract, Warranty Deed, Homeowner’s

Insurance Policy Declaration Sheet, HUD 1 Closing Statement and survey of the property if you have one.


  • Miscellaneous (If information applies)

Trust Agreement – if property in Trust

Divorce Decree / Property Settlement Agreement

Bankruptcy – Filing and Discharge Papers

Rental Income (Current lease for 12 months each property)