Grand Lake and Spring Go Together

Spring has been in the air this week on Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma and the Grove – Monkey Island areas of the lake. After winter, we all get cabin fever and look forward to Spring and Summer and getting outdoors to enjoy the many activities. Grand Lake and Grove, OK offer so many things to do for youngsters to retirees. The Little League baseball programs will be in full swing before long and fishermen are starting to venture out on the lake and soon the lake will be filled with fishermen. As school finishes in May, many water sports really kick off such as sea-dooing, boating, water skiing, and just laying back in the hammock watching it all.

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own lake front home, now might be the time to start your search. Interest rates are still at historical lows. Home values in NE Oklahoma are amoung the cheapest in the nation. Many people move here from California, Arizona, Florida and the SE and buy a larger home here and put a good chuck of their previous home sale in their pocket. You might could do this too or at least get a great deal on a nice lake property or a home in one of our additions close to the lake.

Check out Grand Lake and our destination points such as Monkey Island, Grove, Ketchum, Langley and the South Grand Lake area. You will not be disappointed.
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