Grand Lake in Oklahoma Real Estate

Real Estate on Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma has been more active in 2011 than the previous year. Grand Lake MLS data shows the most growth in sales over 2010 to be in homes above $300,000 in price. The total number of homes for sale are about 3% lower than a year ago. Sold dollar volume is up 14% over last year. I do not put alot of stock in the average sales price figure but none the less, the average sales price was up 10%.

All in all, there are a good number of waterfront homes to pick from. However, with little new building activity the past three years we can see a time where good desireable waterfront homes will be hard to find. The Oklahoma economy is picking up nicely, with most tax collections up over 10% from a year ago showing a healthy economy is coming backĀ  in Oklahoma. Unemployment in Oklahoma is in the 5-5.5% range which is not far from normal for Oklahoma.

What does all this say? We think it says the economy is improving, real estate prices while mostly stagnant the past 3 years will probably start to move up next year with selection of good desireable properties not as good. Interest rates are at all time lows. We think this adds up to a good time to buy real estate on Grand Lake. If you have been thinking retirement home on Grand Lake or a second or weekend home on Grand Lake now might be the time to take the plunge before everyone catches on and prices go higher while selection goes down.

For help in finding your dream property on Grand Lake, call the Grand Lake Team. We know Grand Lake real estate and can help you make a wise market choice as well as find just the right place for your dreams. Call Aaron Hughes at 918 801-5645 or or Joe Neill at 918 640-3300 or You can make an investment choice that helps your net worth as well as an investment in your friends and family with property on Grand Lake.