Grand Lake Real Estate

Today’s Tulsa World, 12-11-09, had another article on residential real estate market in our country. It quoted Local Market Monitor, a real estate service based in Cary, NC. They put the Tulsa housing market in the top 19 metro areas of the nation for best performing real estate markets. Oklahoma City, Wichita, and Dallas were also mentioned. The article also states a quote from a local realtor who echos what we have been saying for months. The quote said we never saw the huge price increase in homes so there is nothing to bust. Home prices could fluctuate up and down by 1% over near term.

Worst performing cities named in article are Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Florida, Portland, Oregon, and Phoenix. These are the same cities listed in past articles as having the most housing problems.

The midwest area as stated above with Tulsa, Oklahome City, Dallas, and Wichita have the most stable prices of homes in the nation. The Grand Lake area follows this same trend with stable home prices. As in any market you can sometimes get a deal from someone needing to move a home quick. This is especially true in early winter as the lake market slows down until March.

If you have been waiting to buy that waterfront home, lakeview home, golf course home at the lake, or a residential retirement home in Grove or the Grand Lake area why wait longer. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Live, enjoy every day. I would never encourage buying more home than you can afford or going too far into debt for a second home but I would also say part of our nation’s economic problems stem from going from one extreme to another. We have experienced too many people in some areas of the nation buying homes they could not afford and now we are seeing many people who can afford a retirement home or second home at the lake holding off buying because they are afraid of what it might look like to their friends and relatives. Our economy needs buying to get our economic engine going again. If you have been on the fence regarding buying that special home now is the time to act. You can get a good deal, do your part for the economy, and enjoy your life today.

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