Is Now the Time to Think Building Your Dream Waterfront Home on Grand Lake?

The past three years most Grand Lake waterfront home buyers have found they could get more bang for their buck by buying an existing waterfront home. We do still have a nice selection of waterfront homes but not as many as 1, 2, or 3 years ago to pick from. You might also just want that one special floor plan or really want new construction for your dream home on the lake whether it is a second home on the lake or that retirement home on the lake.

There just is not a great number of waterfront lots in desireable locations on Grand Lake available. However, there are several nice ones to choose from, just not alot of them. RE/MAX Grand Lake has the best inventory of waterfront lots of any real estate office on Grand Lake today. The Hughes and Neill Team at RE/MAX has several waterfront lots listing of their own and of course has access to all the company listings as well as the Grand Lake MLS listings. If you are thinking about building that waterfront home, please do yourself a favor and call the people with the best lot choices whichever part of the lake you would like to be on. We have lots starting at $50,000 up to $295,000. Location, homes around the lots, and water depth are all factors that determine the value of a waterfront lot. We can help you find just the right lot for your budget, needs, and wants.

I have read several articles just recently that point to more new homes being constructed in 2012 than the past several years. It might be a time to get better craftsmen, better material prices, and your choice of the available lots if you act now rather than later. Give it some thought.

Call Aaron Hughes at 918 801-5645 or or Joe Neill at 918 640-3300 or for more information on waterfront lots or waterfront homes on Grand Lake.