March 14, 2012 Tulsa World Headline Business Page-Oklahoma Jobless Rate Falls to 6.1%

Great news this morning when I opened up my Tulsa World. First I always read the obits to make sure I didn’t die the night before and I hadn’t, next to the business section and today there in bold headline—“State jobless rate falls to 6.1%. This is just terrific news. Oklahoma’s jobless rate has been much better than the nation as a whole for months but it is still great to see it falling and at 6.1%. The article states we are very close to the employment high pre-recession. Total employment is close to old high but unemployed is still high by Oklahoma standards but the important part is we have as many total jobs as before or almost do. The article states jobs have been added in mining, logging, and manufacturing. The article does not mention oil and gas industry but I am sure this industry has helped us ever so much.

If you live in Oklahoma or other nearby states, have a good steady business or job, and have your personal finances in order then you are probably doing ok. We must feel pain for our fellow countrymen who are not as lucky to have a good state economy, a job, and a bank account. However, if you have thinking a new second home on Grand Lake this is probably a great time to be buying. You can get some deals now if you search with the right agents who know the market. Interest rates will not stay low forever. Every day we grow a day older, time is short. It might be time to enjoy family and friends at your Grand Lake retreat. Prudent buying helps the economy to continue to recover.

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