Memorial Weekend on Grand Lake

Today is Saturday of Memorial Day weekend 2009. Grand Lake is a beehive of activity with the streets of Grove full of people coming and going. The downtown shops and the shopping center areas of Grove have full parking lots. On Monkey Island, there is also people at all the convenience stores, resturants, and quaint shops. The lake has boats buzzing here and there with fishermen and pleasure boaters alike enjoying the great day God has given us. There are some clouds in the sky but they are keeping it from being too hot and maybe we will fry less tender skin the first weekend out of the summer season.

In general things look good everywhere you look on Grand Lake. We read so much negative press on the economy it is hard not to get down, but take a look at the people enjoying the holiday and you quickly realize we have problems and some have a true burden to bear but the best way to help if your situation is in order is to go on with life, enjoy it to the fullest, and don’t feel guilty spending money for a new car, new boat, new second home at Grand Lake, or a fulltime retirement home on Grand Lake. Any of these purchases helps our economy and keeps jobs for people.

Enjoy the weekend and thank God for our freedom. Remember those who gave their life so our country can be free, and remember your own loved ones who have left this life for a better place. Then enjoy life with family and friends.

If a new lake home at Grand Lake is on your radar call the Grand Lake Team, Aaron Hughes at 918 801-5645 or or Joe Neill at 918 640-3300 or  We would appreciate the opportunity to work to find your dream home. We sell the entire lake and MLS. You can also search the Grand Lake MLS and our listings at buttons on this page.