Monkey Island on Grand Lake in Oklahoma Property Investments

Last time I wrote of The Peninsula coming to Monkey Island. This new country club setting for a new high rise hotel and condo project will, I think, make Monkey Island come alive. Those of us who call Monkey Island home full time or have a weekend place here of our own know just how pretty and neat of a place to live or spend weekends it is. We all enjoy the pretty setting and drive by the golf courses and lake views. The dining establishments offer great dining in different settings and in general it is just a great paradise. Monkey Island on Grand Lake in Oklahoma is truly a paradise.

We have many fine homes for sale on Monkey Island now. I feel these homes will have price appreciation as The Peninsula is built over the next two years. As The Peninsula opens and people stay in the hotel they will want to own a place of their own. Some will buy a condo if available at The Peninsula but many others will  want a more private setting. We have many of these homes on the market from time to time. If you have ever wanted a lake home, now might be the time to buy to enjoy and for a great investment to boot. Think it over, call me and lets talk about home values and opportunities on Monkey Island. This may be the year to take the plunge into home ownership on Grand Lake.

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