Northeast Oklahoma/Grand Lake Real Estate Market is Alive and Well

You can read all the gloom and doom you want on the nation’s real estate market and you can choose to be part of the gloom if you want. However many in the Northeast Oklahoma/Grand Lake area are choosing to live life, be prudent and conservative in their dealing, and go forward. I just checked the NE Oklahoma MLS numbers for contracts pending. As of today, June 30, 2009, 100 contracts are pending in MLS area of Grand Lake and Northeast Oklahoma. Since April 1, 2009 there have been 220 real estate deals closed. I don’t have the information on how that compares to last year, but in this small market these are good solid numbers for both closings and pending contracts.

People who buy in our market have always been conservatrive and not bought more than they could afford nor gotton silly in their bidding prices. Prices did not skyrocket like California, Nevada, Florida and other states whose real estate prices have tanked. You could and still can buy value in NE Oklahoma and the Grand Lake area real estate market. True, there are some homes overpriced and when they finnally sell, they will bring a $100,000 less than asking price. However, homes or land priced right, will sell within 5-7% of asking price.

If you have been holding back from buying that lake home, retirement home, or family home in Grove, Oklahoma or on Grand Lake now is a great time to buy. We have a nice but not burdensome selection of waterfront homes, waterfront lots, golf course homes, neighborhood homes, and investment properties. If your financial house is in order, live and enjoy your life by investing in that special property you have always wanted. Interest rates are at all time lows, if you are a first time buyer you can receive up to $8,000 tax credit, selection is good, and prices are right. Why wait, Oklahoma is alive, well and trading.

If you live in California or another hard hit state you can in most instances take you loss there and still buy cheaper comparable housing the the Grove/Grand Lake area. We don’t have the overcrowding and traffic jams here, come enjoy the good life on Grand Lake.

For more information, call Aaron Hughes at 918 801-5645 or or Joe Neill at 918 640-3300 or  We are the Grand Lake Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake in Grove, Ok on the shores of beautiful Grand Lake of the Cherokees.