Oklahoma-Land of Lakes/Some Facts on Water including Grand Lake

Oklahoma is a land of lakes with 11,611 miles of shoreline in the state. Oklahoma also has 78,578 miles of rivers and streams. Oklahoma uses both ground water and surface water to meet its water needs.

Did you know that one inch of rain falling on a 160 acre field delivers 4,344,680 gallons of water? Oklahoma has 23 major groundwater basins. In 2004 the U.S. consumed 26 billion liters of bottled water. A small drip from a faucet can waste as much as 20 gallons of water a day. The earth has the same amount of water today as when it was formed.

Some interesting triva on water and water in Oklahoma. Thanks to the Water Research Institute of Stillwater, OK for all the above information on water and lakes in the U.S. and Oklahoma. Water Research Institute is currantly doing a comprehensive water plan for Oklahoma. You can learn more about their work at http://okwaterplan.info or email them at waterplan@okstate.edu

Grand Lake in Northeast Oklahoma is probably by far the most popular of our many lakes in the state. Grand Lake is managed by the Grand River Dam Authority with certain directions given by the Corp of Engineers. Grand Lake does have more liberal building codes than corp lakes in that you can build, clear, and enjoy all the way to the 757′ line in most places around the lake. Grand Lake is enjoyed by full timers who have moved here from all across the country. We also have many part timers who come to Grand Lake for summer weekends, holidays, and vacations through out the year. These part timers come from several states including California, Florida, Illinois, and other distant places. Closer cities of Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Wichita, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas have many people who own property on Grand Lake and commute to the lake many times a year to enjoy a break from everyday life.

Grand Lake with it’s 1300 miles of shoreline and 46,500 surface acres offers many opportunities for property investment from bare waterfront lots, lakeview and lakefront homes. Gated communities such as The Coves and The Points of the Ketchum area and on Monkey Island communities such as The Chateaus, The Villas, Point Marin, Newport Village, Beacon Hill, Jack’s Hideaway, St. James Place, White Chapel, and The Estates offer home ownership without many of the hassels of absentee ownership.

Grove is the largest city of the area and offers many things for the full time resident as well as the partimer. Patricia Island, Buffalo Shores South, Buffalo Shores North, and Buffalo Shores III are just a few of the popular subdivisions with both lake view and lake front homes to enjoy. Golf courses are a part of some our communties to offer both water and land sports.

If you have not discovered Grand Lake or been to the lake in awhile, now might be the time to discover all that Grand Lake of the Cherokees in Northeast Oklahoma has to offer.

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