Oklahoma’s Grand Lake of the Cherokees

Oklahoma’s Grand Lake of the Cherokees in Northeast Oklahoma is a wonderful place to visit, live, or have a second home. It is so peaceful to watch the water, birds, and boats on Grand Lake. You can forget your cares and what is going on in the world and just enjoy your own piece of tranquality.

Grove is the the marketplace of Grand Lake with health care, shops, churches, Wal Mart, Lowes, fast or fine dining, movies, skating, bowling, or many many other things to do. It is not a big city however, just a quiet and peaceful town on Grand Lake. Move on out  a few miles and you find Monkey Island, a place known for many  nice gated communities where the work of home ownership is done for you for a small fee. You can come and just enjoy a home here without the hassle of home ownership. Monkey Island has nice shops to spend time in, wonderful eating places, and great marinas.

Farther southwest on the lake you find Ketchum, a small town on Grand Lake with many estate homes on the lake in the nearby Points or Coves gated communities or just a lake cabin found in so many areas. Langley is the entry to Grand Lake from I-44 South for folks from Tulsa and Oklahoma City. It is growing with banks, fast food, grocery store, hardware, and lumberyard. You can pickup your supplies and head to the more remote areas of Disney, or farther into the Zena area. Zena is absolute quiet , peaceful, and lots of nature. You are in the middle of nowhere but have a great side of Grand Lake to enjoy.

No matter what area is your choice for a home on the lake to live, have a second home, or visit you will enjoy the areas of Grand Lake in Northeast Oklahoma. The highway system makes the drive to Grand Lake quick and easy for so many people. Wichita, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa and points in between are the most traveled to cities for folks leaving Grand Lake after a holiday weekend but there are also people heading to Texas, Arkansas, Nebraska and many more places.

You too can find the good life on Grand Lake. Call Joe is all you need to know when hunting a lake home on Grand Lake in Oklahoma—918 640-3300. I hope to hear from you soon.

Joe Neill
RE/MAX ‘Grand Lake
Grove and Monkey Island, OK
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