Our Attitude Affects The Ecomony and Also Grand Lake Real Estate

Our attitude affects the economy in general and also affects Grand Lake real estate sales in Northeast Oklahoma. I listen to CNBC quite abit. Several times recently I have heard on air personality, Larry Kudlow, remark how the economy in most areas is not as bad as it seems. He is very optimistic, a trait I like in people. He talks about how it is ok to spend money prudently if you own economic house is in order. He feels that while we have several in our country hurting economically, we have many more doing all right. Gasoline prices are down reducing the cost to fill the fuel tank in the family car but also reducing cost for many things including food, airline tickets, and anything requiring freight to get to consumer. We can help the economy by spending prudently and not just sitting in the corner waiting for the sky to fall in.

Yesterday, I read my weekly commentary fromĀ  Tulsa, Oklahomas own Jim Whitt, a well known motivational speaker. Jim commented on seeing full parking lots at the local casinos and wondered how if your economic state was so bad would you be at the casino throwing money away. He also talked about how we can help the economy by spending normally and not looking at the dark side of everything.

I used to be in the cattle feeding business, an industry that has always suffered many ups and downs in price of our fed cattle but also deals with many adverse weather patterns from mud, severe cold or heat, or ice storms. I painted my feed mill, cattle pens, feed trucks, and over the road semi trucks bright yellow. I always could look out my window no matter the markets or the weather and have a bright day. Maybe we should all take this example and do something to brighten our day no matter how the economy or weather looks. We can feel for our neighbor in need and give to charities who help these folks but if your economic house is in order you can help the country now by enjoying life and buying what you can afford to enjoy life now.

If a new second home on Grand Lake is one of your priorties or perhaps a golf course home, now is a great time to get a deal on any Grand Lake property whether it be a waterfront home, waterveiw home, golf course home, or a city neighborhood home for retirement or family living.

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