Patricia Island Golf Course Home at Grand Lake

Timing is everything in life. We all know if we follow the herd in investing we usually if not always miss advances. The same is true in real estate. We all hear the bad press stories on real estate in many parts of our country. However, all parts of the country did not get carried away with prices that ultimately fell. The irrational markets have to an extent given all real estate markets a hard time. It is a time when you can get a better deal. Does this mean not buying and waiting for that better deal, I think not as sometime in the not too distant future everyone will wake up to values of homes in certain parts of the country. The Grand Lake area of NE Oklahoma is one such area. Prices were never over heated and remain a good value today. The market is slow now because people do not know what to expect. This enviroment is the time to get a deal even in a solid priced area.

We have a golf course home in beautiful Patricia Island Estates in Grove, OK on the shores of Grand Lake listed that could be the deal you have been waiting for.  This near new home can be purchased for only $217,000. You can enjoy a retirement home, family home, golf course home, or second home here at a very affordable price. Now is the time to act, spring will bring out buyers and the deal making time for a better investment will be gone. Owners of this like new home need an immediate sale as a job transfer has taken them too far away to keep. Their loss can be your gain.

Call or email today for more info on this nice home. Aaron Hughes at or 918 801-5645 or Joe Neill at or 918 640-3300. We are the Grand Lake Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake in Grove, OK.