Putting Perspective on Buying That Retirement Home

Life is full of challenges, that is just the way it is, past and future. What we make of life’s challenges and how we react to them is what makes the difference. Today, the national economy is suffering due to an overexcelling real estate market in a few states such as California, Florida, and Nevada. Lax lending has hurt thousands of people and spilled over into the credit markets. All the country is not doom and gloom however. I read in today’s paper that the unemployment rate in Oklahoma is just over 3%, the lowest in years upon years. Northeast Oklahoma is consistingly listed in the most affordable area of the country for both housing prices and cost of living.

If you are thinking retirement, think Grand Lake and Grove in NE Oklahoma. You will find true four seasons climate, great small town living with big city services, short travel to city shopping and air travel, and great health care. All this at prices that are affordable and much less than many parts of the country.

Why worry over national economic woes. If retirement is now or soon I would not wait, enjoy life, we always have the ups and downs. If you sell cheaper than you planned in California or one of the inflated states, you probably can still buy bigger and better in Oklahoma at cheaper than your reduced sale price there. Not a bad trade.

You will enjoy the folks of Grove, many who have moved to Grand Lake in the past ten years or so. You will fit right in with your church, civic club, and other activities. You will enjoy walking thru Lendonwood Gardens and Harber Village. You will enjoy being on the lake for boating, sailing, fishing, sea-dooing, or just watching the lake while reading a book. On a gloomy day outside you will enjoy looking out at nature whether from a waterfront or lakeview home, a golf course home, or a home that backs up to woods while in town. We offer a home for everyone’s budget and desire.

Check out our featured listings and mult-list at the link below. Call Aaron Hughes at 918 801-5645 or Joe Neill at 918 640-3300 for more information. We are the Grand Lake Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake in Grove and Monkey Island.