Quality Health Care is Important When Picking a Retirement Community

Retirement living is something to plan for. You will want great health care close by; probably a lake to enjoy fishing, boating, and water sports; great friends to meet; a great church to attend; quaint shopping; unique dining; and maybe golf in a great setting.

Grove, Oklahoma may just be the place for you in retirement. Grove is home to Integris Grove General Hospital, a part of Oklahoma’s number one health care provider-Integris Health. Integris has announced plans for a new 56 million dollar hospital about a mile east of the present hospital. Integris will invest over 50 million dollars and has ask the community to invest 5 million dollars to achieve this goal. You may call their donate line at 918 787-3464 for more information or to make a donation.

Grove’s Patricia Island Estates is the newest waterfront subdivision on the shores of Grand Lake. Patricia Island offers a fine golf course and has many wonderful golf course homes to offer also.

You will find a church or civic club in Grove where you will soon feel right at home. Grove is one of the easiest places to blend in and seem like you have called home for a decade. There are many quaint shops to visit and unique dining to enjoy. Lendonwood Gardens is a great place to enjoy many fine landscaped gardens. Harber Village gives a view of yesteryear in this walk thru museum on the waters of the lake.

Northeast Oklahoma and Grove on Grand Lake offers true four season climate with beautiful seasons to enjoy on the lake no matter the season. If you are planning your retirement home you must include a visit to Grand Lake and see what the area has to offer.

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