Real Estate Market on Grand Lake Is Not Dead

Many people looking at second homes on Grand Lake or a retirement home on Grand Lake are under the impression that the market is dead and that there is no hurry to buy a home. Well, there will always be homes for sale but we have seen a very nice pickup in home and property sales since the first of September, 2010. This past weekend saw over 20 properties in the Grand Lake MLS go under contract, probably the most over a weekend in three years.

Twice in the past 10 days we have had people who were looking at waterfront homes on Grand Lake see the home they were looking at go under contract. One buyer called me about a waterfront home we had under contract. The prospective buyer had looked at the home in July and had just been putting off buying, thinking there was no hurry since nothing was selling. Well, it did sell. The one that got away buyer called and said but I emailed you that I would buy the home for cash if anyone got interested. I did not get her email nor should have I since she was working with another realtor on the MLS. She said she had also told her realtor her intentions. Real Estate just does not work this way. We are always just one sale away from selling that great home. When you find the home you want, have your financing or cash in order, and the price is right or you can make an offer to see if right for you, do not delay because that home may be gone tomorrow.

We still have a good inventory of homes for sale but we are not seeing new spec homes being built in any numbers. Many of our waterfront homes are old, tired, need redone, and are overpriced. New or recently updated nice homes are getting picked off one by one and not coming back. Prices are steady with a year ago and down about 10% on waterfronts and 20% down on interior homes in the Grove, Oklahoma area since the peak of the market in 2007.

Fall is a great time any year to buy lake property. Sellers are eager to get sold before the winter and more eager to make a deal to your liking. You will have the winter to start enjoying the home, re-decorate, paint or whatever and then be ready to enjoy the spring and summer seasons in full. Don’t forget that a lake retreat in the winter is also a very relaxing place to spend a quiet weekend in front of the fireplace reading a book, enjoying good meals, and company of those close to you. I really enjoy watching the quiet lake in the winter with nothing but birds and peaceful lake water to watch. It is a great way to unwind after a stressful week.

To learn more about Grand Lake real estate and waterfront homes or retirement homes on Grand Lake call the Grand Lake Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake in Grove, OK. For Aaron Hughes call 918 801-5645 or For Joe Neill call 918 640-3300 or We know the Grand Lake MLS listings and the area and can make your home or property search more inclusive, less stressful, and fun. We hope to hear from you soon.