Real Estate on Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma

The holiday season is a great time to buy property on the lake. Grand Lake in northeast Oklahoma is no exception. Not because the east and west coast and some metro areas have real estate markets down in a pit but because the normal low volume time it during the holidays. The prices on Grand Lake are steady to slightly higher in 2007 and sales volume will be about the same or slightly ahead of 2006 when the year finishes. Sellers want to sell before the years end and not many buyers are thinking real estate under the Christmas tree but wait till January and sellers will say its only another 30 days till spring buying season starts and will hold their asking prices. During the holidays and before the new year is the time to find a bargain.

We have several nice waterfront homes on the market to choose from. We also have nice waterview homes or just a nice home in Grove that is close to the lake but also close to medical care, shopping, and churches if you want the perfect retirement home. Oklahoma has not been affected by the downturn that the national real estate market has seen. The market is a slow steady affair much as it has been in Oklahoma for some time. If you would like a fulltime, weekend, or retirement home this is the season to look at Grand Lake.

Give Aaron a call at 918 801-5645 or Joe at 918 640-3300 for help in finding you the right place for your needs and desires. Go to the link below to our website and seach many of the available multi-list listings in the Grove, Monkey Island, Ketchum, Afton, and the entire Grand Lake area.