Report of Home Sales in NE Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma is about 70 miles southwest of Grand Lake in Northeast Oklahoma. Residential home sales in Tulsa often give an indicator of sales in the Grand Lake area. I do not have a report in hand on Grand Lake sales but did just read the Tulsa report.

                             April 2007         April 2006
Active Listings         5800                 5805

Pending Contracts     1448                 1248

Residential Closings  1195                  1112

Year to Date              3918                 4035

Avg.Sales Price          $148,200        $142,502

Median Sales Price      $125,000        $121,000

The above figures tell me the market in Tulsa, OK is clipping along at about the same pace as 2006 with sales prices slightly higher that last year. We also experienced a much harsher winter this year than last that put sales behind until the weather got better.

The figures reported show the Tulsa real estate market to be alive and well. Oklahoma and the Midwest have not experienced the huge slow down in sales and prices the go go areas of the country have dealt with. The Tulsa real estate market is rated by many magazines and rating sources as one of the best values in the country. Grand Lake and Grove, Oklahoma real estate markets follow the lead of the Tulsa markets in many ways. When we see a report for the Grand Lake/Grove area I believe we will see steady sales at slightly higher prices compared to last year.

Now is a good time to invest in a second home or full time retirement home on Grand Lake or Grove, Oklahoma or one of the lake communities such as Monkey Island, Ketchum, Langley, or Disney.

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