Second Chance in Real Estate/Will You Pass the Opportunity Up?

Not often in life do we get a second chance. When we do, look the situation over, be bold, and act!

The finance rate for new homes with a 15 year payout are in the low 5% rate and a 30 year fixed mortgage is in the 5.5% rate. These low, low rates had vanished and no one thought we would see again, but so many people’s misfortune in falling victim to teaser rates, variable rates, and interest only payments or simply getting a loan for more home than they could afford has turned the national home loan business upside down.

Rates have come back down, but they cannot stay at these low rates forever. History tells us that this is just not possible. Over time, rates will have to go back to 6.5-7.5% that is more historic. You have a window of opportunity to find your dream home and get a finance deal.

The midwest has not experienced the fallout in priceing of homes because the prices were never triple inflated like Florida or California. Oklahoma in particular has also not seen the economic downturn of Michigan or Ohio. People are working and the economy in Oklahoma is good. Prices are fair and steady for new and existing homes.

However, January and early February is white sale time in real estate every year. It is cold and few are out looking till the weather gets better. This is the time to get a deal! Sellers want to move homes and get on with their life. As in most financial situations, the time to act is when everyone else is not and cold weather with gloomy national real estate news from Florida and California makes for slow sales even in Oklahoma.

You can be a prudent investor and find your home now at winter white sale prices. If you would like to live on a lake then look no farther than Grand Lake of the Cherokees in Northeast Oklahoma. Grand Lake with it’s over 1300 miles of shoreline offers pristine beauty and so many different home site opportunities. If a retirement home is what you are looking for, Grove, on Grand Lake offers carefree retirement living with quality of live including health care. Integris Grove General Hospital will break ground soon on a new 56.5 million dollar hospital. We already have quality doctors and support people and soon the new hospital will be state of the art in health care. The many churches and civic clubs offer so much.

If you want a second home, we offer waterfront, lakeview, and golf course homes in many price ranges. We can show you luxury beginning at $74,000 for a lakeview condo to the sky’s the limit. For those wanting a retirement home we offer again waterfront and lakeview homes, but also more moderate priced single family homes in nice subdivisions beginnning at about $125,000.

If you are looking for investment property, we offer larger parcels of waterfront land, individual waterfront lots in areas that will appreciate in value, and commercial tracts in the quaint small city of Grove, OK which is destined to grow.

Don’t panic like the herd mentality is today in real estate. Think of the opportunity that is yours–white sale price and low finance rates. Today is the day. Do not delay as this will not last.

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