Septic Systems for Grand Lake Including Aerobic Septic Maintenance

Last night I attended a Realtor meeting that included a program on septic systems for the Grand Lake area and aerobic septic system maintenance. This included OK DEQ info on septic systems for Grand Lake area. I must admit I learned way more than I previously knew. Since aerobic systems started being mandated a few years ago around the lake for new construction we have mostly been told upkeep consisted of adding bleach to system and if the malfunction light went off call a service man. Not much to do and we hear of few problems. However, our program last night included an Oklahoma DEQ spokesman for septic systems from Ok City and a local installer and maintenance company. I have at the bottom of this a copy of the OSU tech sheet on septics and the local company Grand Excavating and Septic Systems handouts. It sounds like these systems required by law close to bodies of water and where no sewer system is available do need more than just adding bleach. This should not scare one off from buying a property with one of these aerobic systems but make one aware. If you choose the company presenting, Grand Excavating and Septic Systems has a division who will do monthly checks on your system for a fee of about $50 per month. Not a small sum of money but similar to sewer monthly charge on Monkey Island where we formerly lived. Could be good peace of mind for you to know your system will be ready to work at all times. Just my thought for the day. Read the following and see what you think.

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