Shangri La Country Club 1-28-2011 Update

The Shangri La Country Club rebirth continues in full swing in spite of recent bad weather. Take a look at pictures above. The Monkey Island Icon is coming back to life in rapid order. The windows are in the club house. The shingles are going on the roof yesterday and today. Plumbers and other craftsmen are working every day inside the structure. It is fast transforming not only the Country Club and golf course but also the entire perception of Monkey Island real estate.

Homes in the adjoining additions to the golf course that are for sale are being sold. You can still get a reasonable price to buy but I believe we will see home prices on Monkey Island go up 10-20% soon. You can find nice homes in The Chateaus, The Shangri La Estates, St Andrews, and on down the island in other nice gated communities such as Brighton Bay or Newport Village.

If you have any thoughts about golf and lake second homes or a retirement home on the lake or a retirement home on the golf course, now is the time to buy. You will get more bang for your buck now. As soon as spring arrives and the general public wakes up to the transformation of the Shangri La Country Club prices will be higher.

Also now is the time to join the Shangri La Country Club. You can join for a very limited time without any upfront fees, just sign up and pay the monthly fee. Soon there will be a large upfront fee charged in addition to the monthly fee.

For information on Monkey Island homes at Grand Lake contact the Grand Lake Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake. Call Aaron Hughes at 918 801-5645 or or Joe Neill at 918 640-3300 or You can also search the Grand Lake MLS at the button above.