Shangri La Country Club

The New Shangri La Country Club on Monkey Island at Grand Lake is moving right along. The two new holes for the golf course have the heavy equipment work done and the irrigation lines are laid out and being buried now. It will soon be ready for sod and white sand. The location of the new clubhouse is now having dirt work prep for building done. I am told the clubhouse will be 12000 sq ft. Workers have resodded and put in new white sand on two holes south of the clubhouse location. Demolition of the old Shangri La is done and the hauling away of materials is almost complete.

It is so exciting to see new work at the Shangri La being done. At least six pieces of heavy equipment have been in use at all times. Work is also being done on the Gold Course which has been shut down. Rumor has it that a 9 hole course may be built now in that location. We are waiting for final word on what action is being done on the Gold Course.

Shangri La is the hub of Monkey Island on Grand Lake. It will increase property values for the home additions close by. Again a great golf and lake retreat can be had on Monkey Island. You can still get some good buys in The Estates starting at $175,000 and up, joining the course location and having beautiful lakeviews. The Chateaus on the Gold Course with wonderful lakeviews and larger homes from $500,000 to 3 million are located here. St Andrews Harbor is also just a hop and skip from the golf course and offers lakeview and lakefront homes in a $250,000 to $600,000 price range. You can also find homes from $700,000 to 1.5 million in Pointe Marin and The Villas close by. Shangri La Place has nice homes from $350,000 also next to the country club.

When thinking weekend second home or retirement home think Monkey Island on Grand Lake and be on or near the Shangri La Country Club for a truly great life experience.

For more information on real estate close by or on Monkey Island to enjoy 4 season, 12 month golf and lake lifestyle contact the Grand Lake Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake in Grove. For Aaron Hughes call 918 801-5645 or For Joe Neill call 918 640-3300 or We hope to hear from you soon.