Should I invest in Real Estate at Grand Lake in OK now?

I read all the gloom and doom headlines of real estate as I am sure you do every day. The market is bad in California, Florida, Arizona, and Florida and a few other places that have experienced unsustainable growth and price appreciation the past few years. Nothing can go up by leaps and bounds forever without a slowdown or price correction, even real estate.

The market in the midwest and Oklahoma real estate in particular has had good growth and price appreciation but not at out of sight pace many areas saw. So, is now a good time to buy lake property for a second home, full time home, or retirement home? On Grand Lake in Northeast Oklahoma waterfront locations with a nice home or vacant lot to build on is really getting to be a scarse commodity. I cannot see the price of waterfront homes or lots going down because the supply is just not there. Areas of depressed real estate have a glut of properties on the market and thus a lower priced market.

The next point is why put your life on hold? If timing is right for you to retire to the lake, have a second home, or change jobs and move to the lake full time, go for it. Life is short, enjoy while you can. I don’t advise making stupid investments but I believe in enjoying today’s investment now if it works in your life plan.

Homes off the water in Grove, OK have a few more selections than waterfront properties but still no glut. Homes are reasonable priced for all of Oklahoma and are much cheaper than the national averages.

Grove and Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma are wonderful places to have a second home, retirement home, or move to full time and enjoy a career based at the lake. There are opportunities based upon your skill and interest in this growing area. Check us out today at the link below. Call Aaron at 918 801-5645 or Joe at 918 640-3300 for more information on how you too can enjoy life on Grand Lake