Solid Safe Investment–Waterfront Lots on Grand Lake

Tired of getting kicked around in the stock market and don’t know where to invest. Maybe something you can see, feel, walk on, and enjoy is the answer. Waterfront lots on Grand Lake are not plentiful and the closer you get to Grove, OK, the largest city on Grand Lake the less lots for building are found. Supply and Demand are two equations of any market and true on waterfront lots.

You can always buy lake home or lots cheaper in late fall or early winter than any time of the year and this year with all the financial turmoil you might just get a bargain. Hold your lot investment two years, get capital gains treatment on your income tax from the profit at it’s much cheaper rate than ordinary income, the demand will be up for waterfront lots after this economic downturn, and you have turned your investment cash into profits at a lower tax rate. You have also had something to enjoy in the meantime and if I am wrong, which I believe is a big “if” you still have land on the waterfront to enjoy. Unlike a stock whose value went down and all you had was a brokerage house paper for your investment, you would have dirt to feel, touch, look at, and walk on and don’t forget that terrific view of Grand Lake that came with your lot.

To find just the right lot for your investment call the Grand Lake Team, Aaron Hughes or Joe Neill today. Aaron @ 918 801-5645 or Joe @ 918 640-3300. We are associated with RE/MAX Grand Lake in Grove, OK. Go to our featured listings button and see some of the lots but to know about all you will have to call. We have some unlisted lots that are available also. From individual lots to development land we can provide the best locations for your dollar spent. Call us today.