This week is our National Day of Thanksgiving as a Nation. We, of course, should be thankful every day for our blessings on this earth. I am thankful that at this time in my life I can enjoy the life I live on Grand Lake in Northeast Oklahoma. It is great to look out each morning, no matter the weather, and see the peace and tranquility of the lake waters. Nature, has provided one of the prettest of God’s creation, fall this season. The trees had vivid colors but the leaves have now fallen.

I hope you are thankful as I am for the people we work with each day. RE/MAX Grand Lake in Grove, OK is staffed by people who care about their fellow workers, their clients, their family. It is great to be associated with this type of people.

Give some extra thought this week to what you are thankful for. Let’s all be thankful we live in the nation we do. Give thanks for our rich life.