The Economy and Grand Lake-Report From Tulsa Boat Show

We are working the Grove Home & Garden Show this weekend. In the booth next to our RE/MAX Grand Lake Hughes & Neill Grand Lake Team booth is The First National Bank of Grove and Vinita, OK. I have talked at length with two of their loan officers about the economy on Grand Lake. Both reported at different times that they had worked the Tulsa Boat Show last week arranging financing for boats for several of the large boat dealers. I ask how boat sales went and they both reported that large boats were selling great and smaller boats were selling but at a lessor pace than the past few years. Total dollar sales of boats sold by three of their dealers was as good as past couple of years and well above expectations. The economy certainly has rough spots everywhere but Oklahoma and the Midwestern States in general have a much better economy than the Coastal States.

We are just starting our real estate season but so far internet traffic and calls are well on the same pace as most years. WE don’t want to discount all the economic woes of our nation but also feel so much of the time all we hear is BAD NEWS. Well, there is also good news to be found and Grand Lake has a lot of GOOD NEWS. Grove, the largest city on the lake is getting a brand new 58 million dollar hospital. Villas Del Lago and ¬†Baycrest Village are two new housing developments, the Villas are waterfront on the South Grand Lake area and Baycrest is a residential home development in Grove. Patricia Island of Grove continues to do well as does The Coves of South Grand Lake.

If your personal economic situation is doing all right, now is a good time to buy real estate on Grand Lake. Prices are steady in general but there are some bargains to be found, as is usually the case. We can help you find just the right place for your needs, desires, and pocketbook. Call The Grand Lake Team at RE/MAX Grand Lake, Aaron Hughes and Joe Neill. For Aaron 918 801-5645 or For Joe 918 640-3300 or  We hope to hear from you soon.