The Peninsula on Grand Lake Monkey Island, OK

Peter Boylan, owner of the Shangri La Golf and Country Club on Monkey Island, Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma announced recently plans for a new resort complex being developed by Boylan Parners,LLC and Presidian Companies. The new complex includes plans for a new resort hotel, wellness center, conference center, golf villas, and a new hi rise condo project out of concrete and steel. These condos will range in size from 1390 square feet of living area to pent houses of 3936 square feet of living area. Prices start at $375,000 on the second floor for a 1390 sq ft unit to the same unit on the 14th floor at $458,400. The complex is being presold as is the case with most projects of this magnitude. It will be a couple of years before they will be ready to enjoy.

If you have an interest in one of these units please get in touch with me. I think whether you wish to wait or not for one of these new units, the main story is things will be happening on Monkey Island the desination spot for years on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. A new resort will bring new people to the lake. It will make property values rise, local businesses will prosper, and there will be more to do year round at Monkey Island. This may be a great time to buy property on the island as I think with the new development planned, existing home prices will rise also. Monkey Island has in the past been the place to enjoy a true retreat or full time living. We believe this will rise to a new level with the announcement of the new plans.

Feel l free to call or email me if you have questions or comments on real estate in the Grand Lake area.