When Is The Right Time To Buy

We all read everyday or hear on CNBC of the dire real estate market in the nation. It needs to be put in perspective. All real estate is local is the old saying. We cannot lump the down markets in Floriday, California, or Nevada into all markets.

Oklahoma where I live and work has not seen the down turn some parts of the country have. We did not have the heated prices of 2005 and 2006 where prices were up weekly and much over what the market could stand. Most of the country with down turned prices have been at 10% or less down. You read of some of the former hot spots coming down to earth and be as much as 30% off but this is off sky high pricing to begin with.

When it the time to buy a second home or a retirement home on the lake or a lake/golf course home. It is when it is right for your family and after you have done your home work. We  can give the clients we work with comp sales on property they are looking to buy. In our market as I am sure is true in most markets, we sometimes find homes overpriced by 10% or more on a steady market. Some people don’t know the value or try to throw a big loop and see what they catch. If you research the market with your realtor and buy in an area that is not seeing or looking like it will see a depressed market, now might just be the time to  buy if it is right for you and your family.

A lake home, golf course home, or cabin in the woods on Grand Lake is a great investment both financially and also a wonderful investment for memories with your family and friends.

As we start a new year, 2008, make your resolution to look at a lakefront home on Grand Lake in Northeast Oklahoma. It will be a wise investment today and tomorrow. Available lakefrontage is less and less each year and adds to the value. The market on Grand Lake has not heated up in the past as some markets we talked about. January is a buyers time to buy. The closer to spring we get, the firmer prices will be.

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