White Sale Time on Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma

Sale watchers know January is "white sale" month and time to buy sheets, pillowcases, and towels. August is a new car clearance month and a time for good deals.

August is also the "white sale" time for a lake front home. Families with kids are starting to think back to school, retirees think its too hot to look for a home, and others are just on vacation and not thinking they could be enjoying their very own lake home. Sales have been good in Northeast Oklahoma on Grand Lake near the towns of Grove, Ketchum, Disney, Langley, and Zena but August always makes for a slower market. Just for the reasons stated above. Sellers start thinking about lowering prices because boating season starts slowing down with school about to start.

Point of all this is if you have been thinking you would like to buy a lake front home on Grand Lake, now is the time. Prices are cheaper in August than they will be in September and October when our retirees come out of the bushes with cooler weather. Now is the "Lets Make A Deal Time".

We have nice waterfront listings in several areas of the lake including Patricia Island, Monkey Island, The Coves, The Points, and many other private secluded areas of the lake. Check out the search area of my web site links below and see what is available or better yet give me a call at 918 640-3300 or email at jneill@remax.net and I will take the stress out of looking with a fun way to find a great lake home to have to retire on, second home, or whatever you might want. I hope to hear from you soon.