Experience counts when buying or selling real estate anywhere but in particular when buying lake property there are more rules you need to know.  Many just getting started agents are full of energy to get their listings or sales but do you want to trust your hard earned dollars to less than an experienced agent?

Experienced agents often know things about the home or area you are looking in such as how many logs float down the river and land on your shoreline left for you to cleanup, or perhaps area is not good area for families if drug use is known to be a big problem in area.  When selling, experienced agents know who to go to for guidance with loans for buyers for your home, many agents have buyers just waiting for a home like yours to come up for sale. An experienced agent will give you news and pointers you may not want to hear but for top dollar and quick sale need to happen such as cleaning up the garage, repairing the rotten deck, you get the idea. Sometimes it is best to leave these things to next owner but know it is going to cost you in time and sale proceeds.  The experienced agent will guide you thru how to get the most out of your sale.

Our team’s Amy Wright is one top notch experienced agent, having been a Keller Williams agent for years, had the training early on that only KW provides to agents to be the best agent representing people buying or selling. Amy’s personality will keep her even manner even when things are hard in negotiation with the buyer or seller.  You need an advocate for your side but one who will always stand for what is right law wise and common sense wise.  Someone who will stay calm when things get heated as they do sometimes when navigating the buy or sale.

My name is Amy Wright. Ive been in real estate for 32 years and I absolutely love what I do! I’ve been married for 39 years, I have 4 daughters, 12 grandchildren plus one bonus I claim makes 13.
I started my real estate career in Virginia Beach in 1991 before moving to Owasso, where I lived for 8 years before moving to the Grand Lake area.
I’ve been with Keller Williams since 1997 & I bleed red & love my kw family. I love helping people find their perfect home. I have served on the board of directors and I am currently MLS chairman 2022 professional standards for NAR and NEOBR 2019-2023 sponsorship committee 2023.

If you are thinking of buying property on Grand Lake or any of the adjoining areas of the Northeast Corner of Oklahoma Amy is your experienced ready for action agent to call.   If wanting to sell, Amy knows how to present a property in it’s best light to attract buyers and can do an exceptional master of the art of the deal.   Again call Amy at 918 791-1594 or email grandlaketeam@kw.com.  Keller Williams Realty Grand Lake associate and top agent of the Keller Williams Grand Lake Team.