Grand Lake Real Estate and Grove OK Area Real Estate home listings are at the lowest level we have seen in my years of selling Grand Lake property.  This makes it tough for a buyer to find what they want but I also tell all buyers, you just need one good home and many times we have just that home but not much else. Still if we find the one, buying now rather than later might get you a much cheaper loan interest rate if borrowing to buy.  If you are paying cash, you can take more time as while we don’t think inventory will change much in coming months it could see more people deciding to sell as they see rates move higher and slow demand some.

If you are thinking sell your home for any number of reasons, we would advise not to tarry.  While as stated above we don’t see inventory changing a lot over next several months it could and demand could weaken as rates rise or stock markets remain in turmoil or whatever else could come forth.  Prices are great now if selling, so if thinking of selling now to 12-18 months from now I would think now.

From a buyers standpoint, one view we are seeing some now with higher prices is if you look at prices 10-14 years ago and prices today you will see if prices had went up at normal rate each year they would be where we are now.  We however saw lower and then steady prices much of the last 10-14 years until past few months so we caught up to normal price all at once instead of slow steady price increase each year. Don’t know if this helps you but it does explain some of large all at once up swing in prices.

Buying or selling, our team of Amy Wright and Joe Neill are here to help you buy or sell Grand Lake area real estate. We work the Grove area of lake homes for sale all the way to S Grand Lake homes including Monkey Island homes for sale, The Coves homes for sale, and other popular areas in between. Affiliated with Keller Williams Realty Grand Lake.

Call Amy at 918 791-1594 or Joe 918 640-3300 or email  We hope to hear from you soon.