The Grand Lake Real Estate Market is much like the real estate market across the country.  Very low count of available listings for sale and quick sales when a new listing comes on the market.  What is one to do then?  My check list of how to snag your favorite Grand Lake area home for sale that you want.

  1. Line up your financing and have a preapproval letter from your lender ready to present or if using CASH to buy your dream home have letter of available cash to do so from your financial institution.  Why, you ask?  Because sellers usually have choices of whom they sell to and being able to present proof of funds needed is one big step in getting your offer to top of heap.
  2. Line up a seasoned Realtor to help you watch for your favorite home.  An agent who knows value in this new market age, knows how to get your offer accepted, knows the other listing agents in the MLS and has a good working relationship with them.  Other agents know who is fair to work with and will work for a win win deal for both sides of buying and selling.
  3. Know what you want and be ready to act quickly when it comes on the market.  You won’t have long to act before someone else jumps on a good quality Grand Lake home for sale.
  4. Don’t confuse the issue by putting clauses in your offer that save little but confuse the offer.  Get what you need on price you feel you want to offer and date of closing.  Don’t ask for reserved items, extended closing date, or some odd contingency.
  5. With interest rates trending up now, if financing don’t tarry but don’t at same time don’t just buy to be buying.  Try to find your dream home and act quickly while rates are still low.

Get the above list together, watch for new listings yourself but also rely on your Realtor to watch too.  Be ready to jump on the home you like. Enjoy the process, be fair to seller, and soon you may have snagged your Grand Lake Dream Home. Soon you could be enjoying your Grand Lake home everyday or as your weekend get away.

For prompt, experienced, knowledgeable help in finding your Grand Lake Home For Sale contact the Grand Lake Team at Keller Williams Realty Grand Lake.  Amy Wright at 918 791-1594 or Joe Neill 918 640-3300 or email  We hope to hear from you soon.