Selling Your Grand Lake Waterfront Home? Answers to Questions Before Listing Your Waterfront Home

Thinking of selling your Grand Lake Waterfront Home?  Answers to questions you may have in regard to listing your waterfront home on Grand Lake.

  1. If not using your Grand Lake Retreat, now is the best time in years to sell. Prices are up and inventory very low.
  2. Interest rates have risen and taken some buyers out of market but there are still many cash buyers and some loan buyers hunting Grand Lake Waterfront homes.
  3. Prices are most likely at their peak and while they won’t come down until more homes come on market, they probably won’t go up in foreseeable time frame.
  4. Who should I list with if deciding to sell.   We find the best people are the local agents who know the area, know the competition listings, GRDA lake rules are best to market your property.  Out of town agents may know their market but the lake market is different than the city market.
  5. Fall is a good time to sell a lake home and that makes now the time to get your property listed if you are going to sell.
  6. Use an agent who has a pro do the listing pictures to put the best face out on the internet for your property
  7. Use a company who attracts buyers coming from Ok City, Edmond, Wichita, Tulsa, Kansas City and all cities in between this arc.  We find Keller Williams to be the leading company in most of the cities just mentioned and see many buyers from these areas seek a KW agent when coming to lake to buy.
  8. Pick a seasoned agent or best yet a seasoned team to market your property.  Someone(s) who have a large internet showing, print ads, and work real estate full time in the Grand Lake market.
  9. Price your home at the market using comparative market analysis provided by your agent to come to a price that gets you the full market value.  If you go way over value you home is apt to stall out and just set there with no bidders.
  10. We hope you consider our team of Amy Wright 918 791-1594 and Joe Neill 918 640-3300 when thinking about listing your Grand Lake Waterfront Home.  We both are long time Realtors who work hard as a team to get your property sold for the most possible in the least amount of time.  We both are upper end agents in year after year sales figures sold. The company we associate with-Keller Williams Realty Grand Lake is No. 1 on Grand Lake in sales too. Our website is the top individual website in the Grand Lake area and will get about 4000 people per month on the site.  Contact us to see how easy we make selling your Grand Lake Waterfront Home.  Email us at or call/text one of us at our numbers above.