Ever thought of selling your Grand Lake Waterfront Home? We have buyers NOW

Everyone has a different season of life where we enjoy different things in life.  Waterfront homes are enjoyed by many for a lifetime, for others as we age we see need to move closer to family, maybe kids growing up in city have got too involved in their lives and don’t want to go to lake at this stage, or for some there comes a time to need more cash to retire on and lake homes offer great price appreciation and cash when needed.  Whatever you need in life, there is a solution. Some of you may have thought you missed the train when summer of 2022 prices went wild with many homes selling over listed price.  Today the market frenzy may be gone but we still have cash buyers wanting a Grand Lake Waterfront home most in the $600,000- 1 million price point range.

Grand Lake Waterfront Home Buyers like well kept homes in Grove area for many full time buyers or Monkey Island, South Grand Lake, and other areas of lake for weekenders or full time home buyers.  Homes will bring thousands more than they did back as soon as 2019.  We are very short on Grand Lake Waterfront Homes For Sale and now could be your opportunity to cash in if you think you will want to sell in the next few months to a 1-3 years down road time frame.

If you have a Grand Lake Waterfront home and would like to know more about it’s value or our thoughts in depth on the home market in the Grand Lake area of Oklahoma give us a call, text, or email.

Amy Wright 918 791-1594

Joe Neill 918 640-3300

Email grandlaketeam@kw.com

We are both full service real estate agents with decades of real estate experience to serve your needs selling or buying.  We are affiliated with  Keller Williams Realty Grand Lake in Grove, OK.   We hope to hear from you soon.

Above home just closed and we have another buyer wanting one close to same with cash money.  Home was listed at $929,000.  We have other buyers in the $700,000 price range. Many others in multiple price points. If thinking of selling call Amy or Joe to learn more