The Grand Lake Waterfront Homes Market remains tight with few listings and still robust demand by buyers.  Many buyers are buying with cash so the rise in interest rates has not affected these buyers. We are perplexed that the normal rate of homes coming on the market each year in the spring has not happened. If you are on the fence about selling your Grand Lake Waterfront Home, we would suggest now is the time.  Prices are great and time on market is short, something we didn’t see for years until the past couple years complete change since the Covid virus changed things.

If selling, now is a time you need a seasoned realtor who knows today’s values more than ever.  We recently sold a lady’s home off the water for about $125,000 more than she thought she would get.  It is hard to keep up with price changes and what type properties sell best and for how much more than some others that to an uneducated eye look similar. On the other side we have a client with a nice property that still priced it way over value and it has not sold. Fast forward today and client needs money and market price may have peaked and boat may have sailed without him price wise.  If he would have listened to the pros the property would have been sold with good dollars in his pocket.

Our Grand Lake Team is here to help you get the most for your Grand Lake Waterfront home when selling and if you are buying we will also help you find the best deal for you but more importantly will help you find one without some of the pitfalls if you don’t know the lake on where driftwood comes in by boat loads or where water gets shallow or  stagnate at times of the year. So many variables to watch for, a good reason to choose a team approach to buying or selling Grand Lake Waterfront Homes.

Contact our team, Amy Wright at 918 791-1594 or Joe Neill 918 640-3300 or email for information on how we can help you buy or sell Grand Lake Waterfront Homes.   Keller Williams Realty Grand Lake