The real estate market at Grand Lake like most of the country is hot right now.  Listing are down and demand is up. This correction on the Grand Lake home market has been years coming so it is not out of line and is in fact overdue.  Low interest rates on mortgage loans still make buying a Grand Lake waterfront home something to do now. With this rise in the market, we have seen many new green real estate agents and agents from out of the lake area coming out with their sign up to sell Grand Lake waterfront homes. Most of these people are great people and mean well but you are spending thousands when purchasing a home anywhere including Grand Lake. A few tips–

  1. If agent you contact you find is green, simply ask them to get a pro to assist them in helping you buy.  They mean well and again are good people, just inexperienced. The lake has many rules to follow, some areas have shallow water not good for your boat lift, other areas collect drift wood like a magnet, some homes built years ago could be below the flood line, some lake areas are known party areas on summer weekends–you might enjoy this or could hate it, but you need to know what the area is like year round. The list goes on. Make sure your agent knows the turf! Or can get a pro to assist them as they learn.
  2. Many out of area agents think they can come to the lake and make a good sale. They may know they area they came from but not the lake area and market. Like 1 above, you need a pro to assist you, someone who works the Grand Lake area everyday and is seasoned on all above. For both 1 and 2 you also want someone that knows the value of property on Grand Lake. It is easy in the market we are in to pay way too much for your lake home over even current market.

When getting ready to buy or sell for that matter, search out an agent who is experienced or if a green go getter you would like to help get started simply tell them you will use them if they co-work with another very seasoned agent in their office. Make buying a Grand Lake waterfront home a fun and exciting experience that will not include pitfalls you later wish you had seen. It’s easy to get took up in the excitement is another reason to have an honest, seasoned agent helping you make an informed choice.

Our team of Amy Wright and Joe Neill have worked the Grand Lake area for many years and  both were in real estate for years before relocating to the Grand Lake area.  We would welcome an opportunity to assist you in finding just the right place for your Grand Lake waterfront home ownership. Affliated with Keller Williams Grand Lake Grove, OK

Contact Amy at 918 791-1594 or Joe at 918 640-3300 or email us at  We hope to hear from you soon.